Almond spread smooth 500g

Almond spread milled and whipped into a delicious smooth consistency Weight: 500 g
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(193.14 (RUB) / 100 g)
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It contains vegetable and unsaturated fats beneficial to our health. But it is also a valuable natural source of protein (up to 25g in 100g), vitamin E and other substances.

Ingredients: 100% finely grounded almonds

Restriction: Closed by aluminium foil, use it up to 4 months after opening. Contains allergenic substance - almonds

The product does not contain added fats, sugars, salts, colorants or other substances.

Directions for use: Can be consumed directly, with flakes, with fruit, with cottage cheese or use it during baking. It is recommended to mix before consumption, oil on the surface is a natural phenomenon.

Storage conditions: Protect from direct sunlight and frost. After opening, store in the refrigerator or dark room preferably around 20°C.

Best before date: See on the packaging.

Country of origin: Czech Republic

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