The NUTRISTAR® trademark is one that has been familiar to customers for several years. The company markets a wide range of products, from food for athletes, dietary supplements, special nutritional food, laboratory supplements and organic foods. NUTRISTAR® has customers not only in the Czech Republic, where its products are made, but also in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia and Belgium. In 2019, NUTRISTAR® launched two new series “FOR STREET WORKOUT” and “BE MY STAR”.

⭐ Quality is our no. 1 priority

Years of experience and a highly qualified team are the prerequisite for giving the customer best possible value for money. Quality, and not only from the point of view of healthiness, is an absolute must. All raw materials and finished products are in accordance with the World Health Organization (FAO/WHO), the Joint Expert Committee for Food Additives (JECFA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and the valid statutory regulations of the European Union. All modern quality monitoring systems are implemented in all phases of the production process at our plant, and the HACCP system and IFS certification are also applied. Likewise, the highest possible product quality from the point of view of the functionality and effectiveness of the finished products is guaranteed. Specialists with many years of experience, doctors, nutrition consultants, specialists and production engineers all contribute to the manufacture of our products. Every product is subject to a long test process. The development of a product is based on the results of scientific research from all over the world.

⭐ A hand extended to the customer

Any customer who decides to use any NUTRISTAR® branded products can be certain of their healthiness and effectiveness. The active substances contained in our products are combined so that they do not reduce each other's effectiveness, but instead to make the most of their so-called synergistic effect, whereby the substances mutually increase each other's effectiveness.

⭐ Based on Nature

When putting our recipes together, we naturally base them on years of knowledge about the properties and the effectiveness of the individual substances as given to them by Nature itself. In this context, we endeavour to use substances that have been created in nature. Suppliers of all raw materials are tried-and-tested over many years. Their manufacturing and distribution processes are continuously monitored from a qualitative point of view and are a guarantee of primary quality for our products.

We are constantly on hand to advise our customers, either by writing or by phone + 420 605 355 985.