CHOLIN 100 cps.

Suitable for increased body performance. Choline ditartrate 500 mg in gelatin capsules. Choline aids: - normal metabolism of homocysteine - normal metabolism of lipids - normal liver function.
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Ingredients: Choline ditartrate (choline dihydrate). Gelatin capsule.

Auxiliary anticaking agent: Tri-calcium phosphate.

Energy value 943 (5.94) kJ, 219 (1.38) kcal.

Nutritional value per 100 g (1 capsule): Gelatin proteins 20.63 (0.13) g., Carbohydrates 0 g., Fats 0 g., Choline ditartrate 79 (0.5) g, of which organic acids (tartrate) 46.6 (0.29) g.

Instructions for use: Recommended daily dose: 3 capsules. The product can be used at any time during the day, an in case of intolerance, after a meal. Capsules must be swallowed whole and washed down with sufficient amount of liquid. Not intended for children and those with an intolerance of any of the listed ingredients. Store in a dry place out of the reach of children and sunlight and at temperatures to 25 ° C.

General information: Choline is used as a lipotropic to promote the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, for neuromuscular disorders, for brain nutrition, and to support liver functions when consuming alcohol and antibiotics.

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