Collagen Tabs 300 tbl.

Hydrolyzed collagen, food in tablet form. Dietary supplement.
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Ingredients: Hydrolysed collagen type II, ascorbic acid. Auxiliary anticaking agents: talc, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.

Nutritional value of product per 100 g (1 tablet 1 g):

Energy value 1,490 (14.9) kJ, 350 (3.5) kcal. Proteins 87.5 (0.875) g. Carbohydrates 0 g. Fats 0 g, ascorbic acid 50 mg (0.5 mg)

Instructions for use: The recommended daily dose of 12 tablets is taken gradually throughout the day at regular intervals, e.g. 3x per day, 4 tablets, wash down with sufficient amount of liquid. Long-term intake without interruption is recommended in particular when the collagen hydrolysate is intentionally ingested as a component of nutrition of the joints. Not intended for children under 3 years of age (risk of inhalation), or in case of a low-protein diet, kidney damage, or allergy to the ingredients used.

General information: Collagen hydrolysates are the most important component of nutrients for the joints for long-term intake. The product should be taken without interruption over an extended period of time.

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