Did you find other items than you ordered ?
Please accept our apology and inform us by phone as soon as possible about our product line, which you have been wrongly supplied, by our customer line +420 605 355 985 (Monday to Friday 8:30-15:00). We will propose a quick and easy solution.

Return shipping:
Contact us - We order the return of your goods.
Carefully pack the goods - avoiding damage during transport.
Did the shipment come incomplete ?
We are sorry that the shipment came incomplete. Please inform us as soon as possible about the product that was not delivered to you. We will propose a quick and easy solution.
Did the product come damaged if the package was intact ?
If the goods are damaged, even if the packaging was intact, please inform immediately after finding the CARRIER or NUTRISTAR
Carrier: PPL
Do you need advice ?
Contact our customer support by phone: +420 605 355 985 (Monday - Friday 8:30-15:00) or by requesting: NUTRISTAR