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Package "FITNESS CARE" Quality care for regeneration and maximum performance. Contains: ISODRINK 500 g ⭐️ BCAA Classic 2: 1: 1 150 tab. ⭐️ SPORTFIT MULTIVITMIM tab. 🎁 In addition to each package voucher with a -20% discount on the next purchase.
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Isodrink 500 g

Food supplementInstant drink with sugar and sweetener, vitamines and trace elements Suitable at increased physical performance Weight 500 g. Sufficient for preparation of 5 – 6,5 l of drink.


BCAA Classic 2:1:1150 tab.

Food supplementDesigned for people at increased physical performance. It helps recovery and muscle growth. Tablets with sweeteners and vitamin B6.


Food supplementA combination of vitamins and trace elements that has been developed for the needs of both professional, amateur and recreational athletes. 3 tablets contain 100% DDD vitamins and 30% DDD trace elements.

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