Why to shop with us

⭐️ Why buy from us?

There is a short, accurate answer to this question: We make the products that we offer ourselves. This means that our customers are able to get high, guaranteed quality at reasonable prices.

⭐️ Years of experience

We opened our own production plant in 2005. Obviously it had to comply with the criteria laid down by the European Union for all foodstuffs, food supplements, sports food and organic food. We have an established, constantly audited HACCP system, we are subject to constant monitoring by state supervisory bodies, and we are holders of IFS Global Markets Foods certification.

When developing our products we rely on the long-standing experience of both our own and external staff and we follow new trends and actively participate in the development of our products.

⭐️ Characteristics of our products

  • The majority of our input raw materials originate in Member States of the European Union.
  • All vendors are subject to an approval process.
  • We place emphasis on the use of natural raw materials.
  • We do not use chemical dyes or aromas.
  • We carry out laboratory testing of input materials and finished products.

⭐️ The result of our efforts

Thanks to our efforts we have gained thousands of satisfied customers. A vast majority of them keep returning, buy their favourite products and look forward to new ones.