Synephrine + Niacin 500 tbl.

Suitable for promoting the acceleration of metabolism, increased energy use, fat burning, and weight control. Dietary supplement. Synephrine 10 mg and niacine 8 mg, in tablet form.
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Instructions for use: The maximum recommended daily dose of 1 tablet should not be exceeded. A tablet can be divided into smaller parts and taken gradually throughout the day. Wash down with sufficient fluid. Intake in hours before sleep makes it harder to fall asleep.

Not intended for children. Do not take during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Not suitable in case of stress, psychosis, epilepsy, increased blood pressure, thyroid problems, glaucoma, enlarged prostate, headaches, asthma
Store out of the reach of children and sunlight and at temperatures up to 25oC.
Tablets do not replace a varied diet.

Ingredients: Carrier of dextrooligosaccharides, synephrine (3.6%), nicotinic acid (2.6%). Auxiliary anticaking agents: magnesium stearate, talc, tripotassium phosphate, silicon dioxide.

Nutritional value per 100 g (1 tablet 0.3 g): Proteins 70 (0.35) g, of which carbohydrates 8.7 (0.044) g, fats 0 g. Fibre 70 (0.35) g, of which oligosaccharides 70 (0.35) g.

Energy value 748 (3.74) kJ, 184 (0.92) kcal.
One tablet contains 10 mg of synephrine and 8 mg of niacin (niacin content 50% of DDD (daily recommended dose)).

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