Planning to ‘lose’ a few kilos, feel fit, but don’t have time to prepare five to six meals a day? A great solution to this are dietary supplements.

Diet drinks are a nutritionally balanced food that quickly fill you up and replace a snack or part of your daily food intake. These drinks help you to replace two to three meals at times when you don’t have enough time or space to prepare balanced, high-quality foodProtein crêpes or protein pudding are the ideal breakfast or snack for regeneration and the growth of muscle mass for people who are into the fitness lifestyle. To enrich your diet at any time of day, you can also try protein soup, with its high protein content. If you want to treat yourself, why not try protein ice cream?

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Picture of Diät Puree SLIMETTA 700g Dose

Diät Puree SLIMETTA 700g Dose

Powder mix for the preparation of nutritional porridge Content 700g (10 servings) • it creates a long-lasting feeling of saturation • balanced combination of nutrients • very good digestible, pleasant taste • rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements • without added sugar • contains glucomannan (2 g in 1 serving) • with L-carnitine and chia flour
€14.20 incl. tax
(€0.08 / 100 g)
Picture of U.S. FAT BURNER 90 cps.

U.S. FAT BURNER 90 cps.

Dietary supplement in gelatin capsules, suitable at increased physical performance Weight 55,8 g (90 capsules)
€10.04 incl. tax €7.74 incl. tax
(€0.00 / 1 tbl)
Picture of Carnitine Ultra Tabs 120 tbl.

Carnitine Ultra Tabs 120 tbl.

Dietary supplement in tablets with sweeteners L-Carnitine + green tea extract + chromium Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism
€9.06 incl. tax
(€0.00 / 1 tbl)
Picture of Carnitine 70.000 - 500 ml

Carnitine 70.000 - 500 ml

Suitable for increased body performance. Amino acid carnitine in beverage form.
€7.82 incl. tax
(€0.06 / 100 ml)
Picture of Caffein + Synephrine 90 cps.

Caffein + Synephrine 90 cps.

Dietary supplement in gelatine capsules
€5.95 incl. tax €4.24 incl. tax
(€0.00 / 1 tbl)
Picture of Synephrine + Niacin 100 tbl.

Synephrine + Niacin 100 tbl.

Suitable for promoting the acceleration of metabolism, increased energy use, fat burning, and weight control. Dietary supplement. Synephrine 10 mg and niacine 8 mg, in tablet form.
€6.69 incl. tax
(€0.00 / 1 tbl)